Kokoda Track Authority Organisation Chart

The KTA Management Committee

The Kokoda Track Authority (KTA) Management Committee (Board) is charged with the strategic direction of the KTA, forward planning and issues management.

The Kokoda Track Authority Committee was fully reformed in August 2008, and is comprised of a number of individuals nominated to represent the interests of track stakeholder groups, including representatives from:

  • - PNG Government Departments
  • - PNG Provincial and Local Level Government
  • - Land Owners
  • - Tour Operators (vacant)

KTA Staff

KTA staff manage the daily operations of the authority. This includes liaising with Kokoda communities, Kokoda trekking tour operators, government agencies and media, on-track management, as well as collection and distribution of a proportion of the trek fees to Kokoda Track communities .

Through the Kokoda Initiative, the Australian Government currently provides funding for a selection of KTA staff positions, to assist the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Government to effectively manage the Kokoda Track. The PNG Government, through the management committee, is responsible for the KTA’s strategic direction and operational decision-making.

The KTA also directly funds a number of PNG staff, and is recruiting ‘PNG counterpart’ positions within the organisation to continue to transfer skills and build capacity.

KTA Organisational Chart as at December 2013

Minister for Tourism, Art & Culture 
Management Committee
 KTA Business Advisor

Peter Okwechime
   Chief Executive Officer

James Enage
                    Personal Assistant to CEO       
 Finance & Administration

Tausi Alekevu
       Operations & Safety Manager

Michael O'kave
Operations & Safety/Special Projects

Rapsey Vagi
  Tourism & Marketing
Permits & Finance Officer

Lucy Miro 

Janet Toaligur 

Efogi, Manari, Naduri
& Owers Cnr

Alola, Isurava & Kokoda
   Communications Officer

Althea Masi
  Livelihoods Officer

Hollen Mado