The Kokoda Track holds an extremely important place in Australia’s history. So join with other women adventurers to remember and respect the soldiers who went to war. From July 1942, the route over the Owen Stanley Range witnessed the battle hardened Japanese war machine, encounter young, unprepared, untrained, unproven and hopelessly outnumbered Australian soldiers. It was on the Kokoda Track that the myth of Japanese invincibility was broken for the first time.

The track stretches 96 kilometres through what is arguably some of the most rugged and wild jungle in the world. It is a primal track, built over 200 years ago as a commuting route between villages before it became the scene of bitter fighting between Australian and Japanese soldiers.

After completing this trek with other like-minded women you can feel proud to pay your respects to Australian wartime history, and of course, as a personal physical challenge.
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