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Trek Papua New Guinea's Kokoda Track

Known as one of the world’s most spectacular and challenging treks, the Kokoda Track, Papua New Guinea, offers the experience of a lifetime. Wind your way along the track through rugged mountainous terrain and delve deep into the dark history of the area, whilst immersing yourself in the culture of the local communities.

The Kokoda Track Authority (KTA) is a Papua New Guinea Special Purpose Authority, commissioned to promote and manage the Kokoda Track for tourists, while improving the way of life for communities living along the track, through funding and development programmes.

If you are planning a trek along the majestic 96km of the Kokoda Track, be sure to explore our informative guides to Planning Your Walk, getting Trek Permits, Responsible Trekking and Training for the Trek.

Operating as a Tour Operator on the Kokoda Track? The Kokoda Track Authority has all the information you will need to become a Licensed Tour Operator, the latest news from the trekking industry and more.

Getting Here

Kokoda - Fast Facts

Planning Your Walk
Preparation is Key

Trekking on the Kokoda Track is a challenging experience both physically and emotionally.

During your Kokoda experience in Papua New Guinea you will set new boundaries, gain greater self-awareness, while joining a select group of individuals who have achieved something uniquely special.

To help you prepare for your trek, read more or download the “Kokoda Track Pre-Departure Information Guide” to help you trek safely and responsibly, while enjoying the track’s natural beauty, wartime history and cultural values.

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Find A Tour Operator
Who Will You Walk With

The Kokoda Track Authority (KTA) has introduced “Commercial Operations Licences” (COL) for any business being conducted along the Kokoda Track Corridor.

Finding the right tour operator for you is key to making sure your Kokoda experience is an enjoyable one.

Browse through the extensive list of operators here, create a shortlist and make contact... your Kokoda adventure awaits!

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