Kokoda Track Information

The Kokoda Track runs 96 kilometres from Owers’ Corner, on the southern side of the imposing Owen Stanley Range, across the mountains to the Kokoda plateau in the Yodda Valley.

Each year thousands of tourists make the pilgrimage to Kokoda, to follow in the footsteps of the soldiers who fought along the track 70 years ago, in World War II. Much of the Kokoda track (from Owers’ Corner to Kokoda station), is still along wartime tracks. Although there are some variations and deviations, the route of the present-day tracks can still be considered ‘authentic’. 

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Track Management

Track management incorporates not only the management of the physical track itself but also management of issues surrounding the use of the area by all parties interested in the Kokoda Track.

Track Maintenance

Track maintenance is undertaken by village maintenance teams at the direction of the Kokoda Track Authority (KTA). The KTA has negotiated ‘Village Track Maintenance Agreements’ with communities. This contract pays K3,000 per annum to the 18 Village Development Committees directly on the Kokoda Track, at an annual total of K54,000. Click here to provide feedback on track maintenance during your trek along the Kokoda Track. 


While the role of the KTA does not extend to negotiating conditions between landowners and trekking companies, the KTA will attempt to act as a mediator between the parties when possible.
The preferred method for dealing with landowner disputes is to use existing systems which have been set up through the Local-level Governments, which are supported by the law and justice system. 

Consulting Stakeholders

The KTA conducts a wide range of stakeholder consultation activities, including:

  • Holding regular Tour Operator Forums in Australia and Papua New Guinea (PNG)
  • Distributing a monthly newsletter
  • Meeting regularly with PNG Government (local and national) counterparts
  • Funding Rangers and Permit Officers to regularly walk the Kokoda Track, to talk to communities, porters, tour operators and trekkers

The KTA also assists the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority in working with the tourism industry and other stakeholders to assess and promote the region’s tourism potential. Click here to read more about Tourism Papua New Guinea.