Funding to Kokoda Track Communities

Since its restructure in early 2008, the Kokoda Track Authority (KTA) has reformed its financial and procurement procedures to provide accountability and transparency. The KTA now has robust, transparent financial management processes.

A key function of the KTA is to bring benefit to the Kokoda Track communities and especially the fourteen Wards (local councils) mentioned in the KTA’s Proclamation. In 2009 K347,888 was distributed to land owners / communities through the 14 Ward Development Committees.

These funds were used in the following ways:

  • - Tourism Services Payments (K235,300)
    • Approximately 25% of total trek permit receipts, as a direct cash payment to communities.
    • Payment acknowledges that the land that the track travels through is owned by individuals and communities.
    • Use of the funds is determined by the communities through their Ward Development Committee.
  • - Village Maintenance Agreements (K26,000)
    • Payments of K2,000, each, for thirteen villages along the track to undertake contracted maintenance.
  • - Wages and Allowances for Volunteer (CVA) program (K86,588)
    • A partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia to deliver a six week training program for sixty village people, in six separate villages.
    • Wages, accommodation and food allowances were paid directly to Ward bank accounts.

The funds are transferred to the Kokoda Track communities through Ward Development bank accounts, which are controlled by a Ward Development Committee representing the interests of the community. Each account requires at least three signatories to access the funds. Acquittal is reported back to the communities. 

To read more about what Kokoda Track Permit Fees are used for, please click here.

In 2012, Kokoda Initiative launched a DVD showing the many people involved with the Kokoda Track that are working together to achieve sustainable development in the region.