About the Kokoda Track Authority

The Role Of The KTA

The Kokoda Track Authority (KTA) is a Papua New Guinea Special Purpose Authority, commissioned to: 

  • Work with tourism providers to develop and maintain the tourism industry in the Kokoda Track corridor.
  • Assist track communities to secure a sustainable future.
  • Collect and manage trekking fees and permits.
  • Oversee and regulate the conduct of tour operators to ensure the sustainable management of the Kokoda Track and respect for local culture.
  • Consult with landowners and Local-level Governments on their needs relating to the distribution of tourism benefits.
  • Work closely with the Kokoda Development Program to deliver community development programs.

The Vision Of The KTA

Working with the community, government and operators, we will ensure the Kokoda Corridor environment and Kokoda trekking experience is valued, protected and conserved, for its intrinsic and historic value, and for the appreciation and benefit of future generations.