Recent Projects from the Kokoda Track Authority

The Kokoda Track Authority (KTA) is working together with the joint Papua New Guinea / Australian Government Kokoda Initiative to assist the Kokoda Development Program. The aim of the Kokoda Development Program is to assist those living in the Kokoda Track corridor to access basic services such as water, sanitation, health, education and community development.

In addition, the KTA is undertaking complementary community development programs, such as working with Conservation Volunteers Australia on a capacity building program, which pays local people to participate in track maintenance training, increasing local capacity and providing future employment opportunities.

The KTA will also assist the PNG and Australian governments to implement livelihoods projects along the track, including micro-business support for communities. 

Safety Activities

The Kokoda Track Authority has undertaken a wide range of safety activities including

  • - Trained over fifty local community representatives to undertake track maintenance
  • - Purchased track radios for KTA Rangers and Track Operators’ use
  • - Installed track radio and satellite phone recharging stations along the track
  • - Upgraded the VHF radio network
  • - Rehabilitation of the Kokoda Airstrip
  • - Developed a Tour Operator Licensing System (2010)
  • - Removed unexploded ordinance from the track

The KTA is also working with the PNG and Australian governments to implement the ‘Kokoda Track Safety Package’, announced in September 2009. Key activities funded under the Safety Package include track maintenance, safety audits of airstrips, repairs to roads and bridges and upgrades to radio communications.

The KTA is negotiating contracts and funding agreements with service providers and communities to undertake the safety upgrades, which will benefit communities, trekkers and tour operators.